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Make an impact with your image.  People perceive us by how we look, what we say, what we do...the list is endless.

Exercise and healthy nutritional choices are the secret to reducing obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and various
ailments targeting our population.  The secret though is that both exercise and healthy nutrition must show up in our lives daily.  
We create this relationship with ourselves and only we can choose to destroy it.

This website, a subsidiary of Ybshy? Networking Image Communications, has been designed to educate and provide the
necessary tools towards building a stronger immunity defense against toxins and chemicals that we breathe.

As a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Fitness Nutritionist, Yvonne Hendricks has been practicing a healthy lifestyle for over
20 years and trained hundreds of satisfied clients in reducing body fat and gaining muscle.

Balanced Nutrition is a term commonly used amongst people yet most, do not understand the core factors of maintaining it on a
daily basis. So what does drives us each day? Like a car, we need plenty of fuel. Fueling our bodies with quality nutrition enables
our organs and minds to function at their best. On the other hand, poor nutritional choices contribute to why our bodies often
break down. We pride ourselves in purchasing the “best" quality products for our homes, cars, hobbies, etc.  Then why not
consider the importance of having a complete nutritional management system that will assist you in performing at our optimum
potential daily?

The solution to proper nutrition is simple. A daily conscious awareness of both one's own food intake and one's own daily
exercise will create a healthier individual. Fitness Nutrition training offers you effective techniques to learn better eating and
exercise habits. Eating better makes us feel better. And if we feel better, we exude greater confidence about ourselves. With a
meal and exercise program designed specifically for you and your body type, you will not only feel better about yourself but
you will be healthier and stronger to handle everyday living with more energy.


How much time out of a daily schedule is required to maintain a balanced body and mind?  First, you need to commit to a daily
routine of eating the proper foods. Did you read that? Daily. You can’t commit to it for a day and then eat out of control the next
day. You can’t eat a certain way for a week or a month and then try to eat the old way. You will find that developing this daily
good nutritional maintenance and continuing to eat foods that are best in balancing your body and energy, that your body will
begin to repel old foods with low nutritional value.


Second, you need to commit to scheduling time each day just for YOU. Have you ever heard of time asset allocation?  Determine
the amount of time that you spend each day working, eating, driving,  watching television, talking on the phone, interacting
with your family and friends, doing hobbies, etc.  When you are able to divide the day of  24 hours  into categories, you can
dedicate some time for yourself through exercise.  You’d be surprised.  You might say to yourself “I have no time”, but if you
block out specific time for YOU every single day of your life, that’s right, for YOU, not your lover, your parents, your job, your
children, you will be gaining more energy, more self-reward.  You may think it is selfish to block the time out for YOU but if you
don’t allocate a time slot for exercise, it will never manifest for you. Most physicians say 3x a week for at least 20-30 minutes is
required, other exercise enthusiasts say once a day, every day is necessary, I believe the key is to be able to set a time each day
that fits into your schedule and commit to it.


If you are deciding to take a multi-vitamin, take it every day at the same time so you are more likely to remember.  Keep your
vitamins in the same place in your kitchen cabinet so you can develop a habit for yourself. Also, make an inexpensive investment
and purchase a vitamin weekly counter container. We are all creatures of habit both good and bad, so create for yourself some
simple good ones that can be easily incorporated into your day.
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Servings per container are 2.5. Which means you are
consuming 2 and 1/2 servings.

Balancing Glucose Levels - Fighting Obesity
Avoid Juice or Soda with More than 20% of Overall
Carbohydrate Value

Here they're telling us that it is "Very Low Sodium" -
BIG DEAL! Look at the sugar content!for 70ghydrate
Value reads 28g.

If the whole bottle is consumed, Ingestion would
account for 70g of carbohydrates
since there are 2.5 servings in container.

The soda reads 28g of sugar and 28g or carbohydrate.

Basically what the Pepsi Manufacturers are saying is
that every gram of carbohydrate
accounts for 1 gram of sugar. The entire bottle is sugar!

And then society wonders why 60% of the US
population is obese!
C'mon, wake up!

Using the sugar rule, in theory you'd only want the
sugar content to be:
28 x 20% or .20 =5.6g
TIP: #4

Avoid any juice or soda with more than 20% of the overall carbohydrate value