Raised in a large Italian family with more cousins than I can count, I was always exposed to an abundance of food.
Over the years, my family has experienced many types of medical conditions including:  obesity; heart disease; lung disease;
diabetes; glaucoma; kidney disease; hypertension; high cholesterol; high blood pressure; arthritis; lymphoma, colon, lung
and breast cancer; alcoholism; knee replacements; hip replacements; herniated discs; chronic constipation; depression; etc. I
believe food portion sizes along with food choices are definitely factors in contributing to these health conditions. Experiencing
the personal adverse effects of my family's illnesses, in 1985, I decided to choose a healthier path and began researching fitness
and nutrition even though the early 80's had spurred a huge craze in the fast food market.

After 20 years of diligent research, professional experience and world travel, clients can benefit from my certified knowledge in
Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Yoga, Pilates, Tae Kwon Doe, Prenatal Care, and Stretch/Massage. I motivate, coach, and train
clients from various professions including: doctors, registered nurses, professional athletes, stock brokers, computer specialists,
mothers and fathers, comedians, writers, actors, insurance salesmen, and speech pathologists, etc. My clients range from ages
14 to 86 years old,  and no matter what is your profession or age, I can help you to understand that the label of who and what
you do in life means nothing if you are not healthy enough to perform on a daily basis. I get you on the road to optimum
living and we commit to the long term results, together.
Certified in Fitness & Nutrition,
Yvonne Hendricks has been
practicing a healthy lifestyle for
over 20 years and trained several
hundreds of satisfied clients in how
to eat more correctly.  Based upon
one's very own metabolism and
energy expenditure, Yvonne can
help you get rid of unwanted body
fat, look and feel healthier.  

My mission is to teach you that you
don't want to "lose weight" you
want to GET RID OF IT.  We lose
our car keys and then find them
back. You don't want to find your
body fat again right? I educate
you in making smarter choices
regarding exercise and types of
food labels. I train you in simple
techniques that can last you a
lifetime. You will learn exactly the
correct amount of protein and
carbohydrates that are needed for
YOU based upon your very own
metabolic rate. It will however,
require discipline and nurturing
efforts to succeed but we will get
there together.
My nutritional management
system and
personal training,
empower you for daily optimum
performance.  I will give you the
tools to help bridge the gap
between Nutrition & Fitness.  My
techniques are simple and with
your commitment you can begin
to incorporate such strategy into
your own life.  You will not get
rid of unwanted fat in 2-3 days
like fad diets suggest.  Fad diets
capitalize upon impatience and a
computerized "quick-fix". You will
also not be coached to drink
your meals either. Your digestive
system has a function and when
you do not use it properly, it will
break down. I will help you
recondition your body and mind
with daily eating habits and
activity factors that will give you a
lifetime of results.
Digestion & Absorption play a
significant role in how our body
processes nutrition. The food we
ingest is our fuel consumption in
order to drive "us" on a daily
basis.  One must be willing to
refuel frequently in order to
increase the metabolism rate and
body fat.
There is no magic formula to getting rid of unwanted weight. There
are however, essential disciplinary acts that each of us needs to
perform daily, if we want to live healthy, productive lifestyles.  
Respect yourself enough to be trained in simple techniques that will
last you a lifetime. The choice is yours. It's always been.
Certified and insured by Sports Fitness Corporation and accredited by many Health & Wellness organizations such as International
Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA), National Academy of Sports & Science Medicine(NASM) , Bally Total Fitness, American
Heart Association, National Endurance Sports Training Association (NESTA), American Council of Exercise (ACE), International
Sports Science Association (ISSA), Tae Kwon Doe Organization.
Yvonne Hendricks, CFN, CPT
Yvonne Hendricks, CFN, CPT
Tel: 914-557-3120
Fax: 914-478-7145
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Always combine a
protein with a
carbohydrate when
ingesting nutrition.  This
helps regulate glucose