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"I am annual marathon runner. Your explanation regarding MHR and percentage use for fat burn really
changed the outcome of my work-outs.  I had been feeling really tired for months and tried your 65% ratio
for 2 weeks and then altered it back to 75%.  I not only dropped 4 lbs but I have improved my overall
productivity during my run.  I can run faster for a longer period of time and don't feel as tired.  It has made
all the difference!  Thank You Yvonne."
-Sabrina, New York

"This is truly a great website! I even shared it with my kids."
-Esther, New Jersey

"A very informative and educational site. Yvonne, you are a role model to many."
-Sue, New York

"The recipes are very helpful.  Do you accept submissions? I am recovering from lap-band surgery, dropped
100 lbs already and loving life.  I'd like to submit a few recipes on protein enriched foods for lap-band
recovering patients.  Please let me know."
-Renee' Fricker, Florida

"Wow! This is amazing.  I look forward to your updates each month and I already shared the link with my
-Lisa, New Jersey

"I was recently diagnosed as a diabetic and I don't know why but my doctor never explained to me about
glucose levels being regulated through protein and carbohydrate ingestion values. Since reviewing your
website, and in just two weeks, my sugar levels are more under control and I haven't had a 220mg reading
since! You are heaven-sent Yvonne!"
Taimeka, Connecticut

I had a car accident 6 years ago that gave me permanent damage to my cervical and lumbar spine. I had
pain every day until I started to work with Yvonne Hendricks. She helped me continue my exercise along
with a nutrition plan that she planned out for me which took me out of my size 12 jeans to a very
comfortable size 8 or 6. The exercise techniques she used with me in the beginning were geared for my
injuries. When I progressed along with the exercise she challenged me with new exercise techniques that
help strengthen my all my problems and eventually in about a month or so the pain was gone. I woke up
with no pain! I was so amazed by how exercise and a good diet made all the pain go away. She also
showed me how to manage my daily life struggles with planning out my daily workouts and nutrition plan. I
have contours on my body that I never had in my life. The curves are all improved with skin appearance
being in creditable. She helped change the way I think about what I put in my body. I had a very hard time
due to having two children back to back, my body didn't have a chance to get back to normal. Yvonne has
inspired me in ways that I thought couldn't happen to me considering I never had exercised in my life
before. I love you girl. Thanks so much for all that you have shown me.
Nancy Villanueva
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