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ALCOHOL: It is a common hospitable practice among family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances to toast
the cheer with a drink, (ordinarily of alcoholic content).  Keep in mind this holiday season, that an alcoholic
beverage holds "empty calories".  In other words, each calorie holds absolutely no nutritional value.  So for
those of you watching that figure of yours and or those of you watching other people's figures, choose
within moderation so as to not pack on those extra pounds and be regretting it as January 1st rolls around.

HOT CHOCOLATE:  For those winter months ahead, all of us enjoy a cup of hot cocoa after a sleigh ride, a
brisk walk, or even shoveling up that snow.  Keep in mind that hot cocoa holds fiber from the cocoa bean
but even better, when a scoop of
Protowhey is added to the cup in either a blender or shaker, you can be
adding approximately 10 grams of protein to the day, thereby, omitting some of the added urge for extra

SHOPPING: It is really challenging to sit and find time to eat lunch or break for snacks when doing the
holiday shopping in malls or selected stores.  However, in an effort to watch those blood sugars from
dropping out of that 80mg marker, make time to stop for a quick snack that includes both an exchange of
carbohydrate and at least 1-2 exchanges of protein.  You will thank yourself and omit being famished when
you walk in the door and avoid indulging in 5, 10 or 20 cookies.

PIES:  It is so easy to indulge in more than just one slice of pie, especially over Thanksgiving and
Christmas/New Year's season.  Self Magazine offered a great way to help trim the fat from classic holiday pies.

Blueberry Pie: (Yvonne Hendricks' favorite, by the way))- (360 calories a slice) (17.5 grams of Fat) - Feast
of antioxidants Lighten it up: Prepare with fresh berries as opposed to canned it cuts out the extra 50 grams
of sugar per serving.)

Pumpkin Pie: (316 calories a slice) (14.4 grams of Fat) The beta carotene protects vision.  Lighten it up by
using fat-free evaporated milk to shave about 2 grams of fat off the serving.

Coconut Cream Pie: (259 calories) (16.5 grams of Fat) Surprise! Coconut flakes deliver fiber.  Lighten it up
though by substituting 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes, you'll drop about 6 grams of sugar per serving.

Apple Pie: (411 calories) (19.4 grams of Fat) Lots of phytonutrients to ward of infections.  Lighten it up by
using light butter, (not regular) to cut out 9 grams of fat per serving.

Pecan Pie: (503 calories) (27.1 grams of Fat) Nuts contain healthy mono-saturated fat. Lighten it up by
using 25% less sugar and substitute corn syrup instead to cut out 50 calories per slice.

socks when putting on boots, they will keep your feet warmer during the cold winter season while walking.

-Change your socks if they get dampened by perspiration.  When your feet are warm, your body retains

-Apply chapstick to lips frequently when going out into the cold and most of all stay hydrated.  It is easy to
not drink enough water during cold months because most often the body craves something warm to drink.
Be cautioned however, that most canned soups are very high in sodium and can increase blood pressure.

-Too cold to go outside for the daily walk? Put on some favorite music and dance for 30 minutes.

-Laugh out loud.  Being able to laugh every day will help to contract and stimulate the abdominal muscles.
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