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In 1992, Ray was diagnosed with TBD (brain
damage) from a serious car accident which
impaired mobility on his entire left side. Ray is
an inspiration to everyone that he meets and
despite his tragic occurrence and permanent
injuries, he completed a 2-mile walk marathon
for breast cancer last year. Ray continues to
persevere and strive for excellence in all that
he does.
-Ray Grant
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Michael Emmet, a sophmore at Towson University of
Maryland, plays Forward for the Tigers American
Collegiate Hockey Team.  He scored 12 points in his
2006/07 regular season and almost tripled his overall stats
to 34 points in 2007/08 season. He's ranked 2nd in the
MI division with 17 goals and 17 assists and holds an
individual title for the longest streak of assists in 8
games.  During college breaks, Emmet trains with
Personal Trainer, Yvonne Hendricks, in strength
conditioning, balance, flexibility and endurance. He is
presently majoring in Sports Management and remains
inspired by Hendricks' techniques.  
-Michael Emmet
I was referred to Ms. Hendricks by
Dr. Rodionova in March of 2009. My
cholesterol was 288, my LDL was
199 and my glucose was 176.  I
was being advised to go on
medication for blood pressure, for
cholesterol and for potential insulin
resistance by several doctors but I
wanted to work with a nutritionist
that would teach me better ways
of eating and exercise to get these
numbers down.  In 3 months, My
glucose came down to 79, my
cholesterol came down to 193 and
my LDL came down to 107. I did
this all without medication!
Through Yvonne Hendricks' meal
plans and exercise techniques, I
feel as if I am in control of my life
-Lajole Pervorfi
When I first weighed in I was 262.  I
now weigh 169.  When Thanksgiving
came around last year, I had so much
more to be thankful for and it is
because of Yvonne I can say that.
Yvonne puts together a program
that really works.  I never thought I
could run at 5.8 miles an hour let
alone 4 mph., but she taught me
the benefits of interval training with
intensities that really push me. She
changes the program around every
2-4 weeks and shows that she cares
about me as a person and is
committed to my results. I really
couldn't have done this without her.  
I feel incredible and I play volleyball
every week. Imagine me, diving for
the save before?  I feel like the
knock-out she says I am.
-Nancy Gambardella
"I promised Michael that I'd make one New York game
before he graduated and he was first to score against
Suny the night I went in 2009. He knocked in 2 more
for the night.  He continues to average a 3 to 4 goal
streak and has speed and agility like no other college
player I've seen".
Emmet's college stats