Yvonne Hendricks, CFN, CPT

Client Endorsements & Achievements:
Largest Body Fat Percentage Loss by one client: (650 lbs to 232 lbs)

Dennis's heart and legs had given out and was confined to a bed for more than 6 years. He was given only
a 45% chance for survival by an operative measure while living in a body weighing more than 3x normal
capacity at 650 pounds back in October of 2003.  He opted for gastric bypass surgery but understood that
he had to alter the way he approached eating for the rest of his life.

Now weighing in at 232 lbs, he's met an incredible, loving woman named Lori, has traveled on a airplane
for the first time in his life to Hawaii, actually went para-sailing and was married in May 2006.
"I'm half the
man I was
and much
more of a
man now
than I ever
was - I owe
so much to
Yvonne for
this new life
and change
in me."
Hendricks -
Long Island,
New York
American Diabetes Association in
conjunction with Health
"Yvonne has trained myself, my husband, Taras
and my son, Paul (who never wanted to exercise,
only play on the computer) and taught me ways in
how I can be healthier for myself and for my own
patients".  "I've even used some of her stretch
and massage techniques on my patients". "She
even has trained me throughout my pregnancy."
Natalya Rodionova Trestman, MD Yonkers,
New York
Dr. Natalya Rodionova
"Yvonne has been a positive force in my life.
With her guidance and comprehensive method,
she has helped to reshape my body to a level of
toneness I had thought unattainable and
motivate me to a healthier overall lifestyle."  
Suzanne Calligan-Courtien,  NY Speech
Pathologist, Pauling, New York
Training Metro North Transit
Yvonne Hendricks creates a training program
that is
Fun and Challenging, yielding great
results in a short period.  Thanks to her I am
now back on the right track and will always be
Dave Lessoff, Conductor (MTA), New York
Training the School System
Yvonne was heaven sent!  Without her guidance,
encouragement, and genuine care, I could have
easily wasted money on a gym membership.  I
have a series of health issues, that she is helping
me work through. In the two short months she
has worked with me I have lost weight, inches,
and most of all, body fat.  As a certified
nutritionist, she has structured a weight
management program with supplements that
works for me, and a training program that keeps
me challenged and focused on my goals. I cannot
thank Yvonne enough for all she continues to do
for me.  When it comes to certified personal
trainers, she is definitely number 1, she really  
Tia Canterino, Elementary School Teacher,
New York
Yvonne Hendricks provides a total package for
her clients.

What I have found is that Yvonne really listens
to her clients and modifies her training program
to meet the individual needs of each, not only
with the basic program but on a day to day
basis.  She takes into consideration the
objectives of the client and continues to
educate herself when a client has specific
physical needs such as osteoporosis, abnormal
thyroid etc., so she can maximize the benefit of
the program for the client's age, weight, sex,
body type, starting condition and motivation are
all considered when Yvonne designs an individual
physical training and nutritional program

Yvonne constantly encourages her clients by
explaining the target of each exercise and
highlighting whenever there is some progress.
She emphasizes the nutritional requirements of a
training program and helps the client modify their
diet in a way that compliments the physical
training program without feeling deprived or
Susan Rapp. , Retired Teacher, Bronx, New
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Training Some of
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Yvonne Hendricks, CFN, CPT
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Training Wall Street
Through my PT sessions with Yvonne, I have
learned workout routines that I can do anytime
& anywhere at home or on vacation. She
inspires me to exercise (both weight training
and cardio) and she has taught me the
importance of eating right without completely
sacrificing the foods I like. I now eat 6 times a
day and have lost "got-rid-of-weight". I have
also been introduced to JuicePlus which is a
wonderful supplement for my daily nutritional
Monica Fizelle, Goldman Sachs,
Manhattan, New York

Meeting Yvonne in 2004 has really had quite an
impact on my life.  I hadn't particularly ever
been an enthusiastic proponent of structured
exercise but in the last two years my energy
level has gone up, I feel stronger and best of
all, my spirits have lifted.  Yvonne's positive
attitude and pleasant personality make going
to the gym a treat instead of a chore.
John Howe, Retired Telephone Technician

The time that we trained together impacted
my life by giving me more confidence to learn
new and different techniques to make myself
more physically fit. It also encourages me to
take a more positive outlook to be more health
conscious by always exercising and eat
healthier foods.  I learned how important it is
to be physically active and talk to other people
about the benefits of exercise.
Tony Roman, Accountant
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
I have personally worked with Ms Hendricks.  She is
both knowledgeable in her field and caring in her
interactions with her clients. I would have no
hesitation in having my patients work with Ms
Gary Inwald, MD
Dr. Gary Inwald D.O.,
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Training Hospital Staff
As a registered nurse, I always have taken care of
everyone else, but have neglected to realize what
I was doing to myself.  Now I have met Yvonne, I
am finally taking care of myself.  I have always
known what to eat, and how to exercise; but
lacked the motivation to actually carry it through.  
My self esteem was shot, and I hated to exercise.
For many years, I have been to multiple trainers,
on multiple diet pills, and have wasted hundreds
of dollars in gyms that I never went to.  After
meeting Yvonne, things have changed.  I am
finally realizing what I am doing to my body, and
the effects of my negative eating habits.  Yvonne
has made me believe in myself, have fun
exercising, and actually like going to the gym.  
She has even changed my thoughts on eating,
her knowledge base on nutrition is amazing.  She
listens, and makes a menu that actually goes to
your lifestyle, believe me everyone says they do,  
but SHE DOES!!!!!!!!! I am going to live now, and
be happy, and it took Yvonne to help me get
Karen A. Andolino RN, BSN

"Yvonne taught me that a good healthy life-style
has to be a relationship between nutrition and
exercise, that's how I succeeded in reaching and
maintaining such a life-style."  (got rid of 16
pounds and 6 inches in 2 months)
Wendy Wergin BSN, MSW
"Yvonne Hendricks is where it's at! When I first
trained with her I weighed 293 pounds. I now
weigh 256. I feel so much better about myself.
Taking Yvonne on as a trainer and nutritionist
was one of the best things that I did."
Fitzroy Gouldborne, (MTA), New York
"I owe so much to Yvonne for my transformation.  
She helped me get rid of so much weight that I
don't want people to realize how much I had on
me. You can see the difference yourself.  Of
course I restyled my hair but my attitude is totally
different. I worked really hard and I continue to
eat correctly even after I reached my goal.  
Yvonne challenges me to never accept mediocre
efforts. She taught me not only a combination of
resistance training techniques but the proper way
of fueling my body.  I am a nurse so my world is
very demanding and Yvonne helps to demand only
the best for myself.  I'm 5'8 and weigh 150
pounds. There, I'm proud to say what I am now. I
feel great and most of all, I have more energy now
than I ever had."
-Ann Cassels